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IHT is a consumer advcacy organisation responsible for promoting the halal sector for the benefit of halal consumers and producers of halal products.


We are an independent 3rd party certifer which certifies companies who are producing halal products for the halal market.  As a not-for-profit orgnaisation we are committed to ensuring that the certification process is as simple, straightforward and as cost-effective as possible.


Our role and services include:


  • Independent halal certification of products manufactured by companies for the halal market.

  • Promotion of certified halal products for the benefit of halal producers and consumers.

  • Protecting the rights of consumers at local, regional, national and international level.

  • Educational campaigns to dispel misconceptions regarding halal.

  • Answering any consumer queries and questions regarding your halal-certified products.



To find out more about our mission, principles and founder please read through the other pages in the About Us section.



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