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IHT is a consumer advocacy organisation which promotes halal as a holistic set of principles that can be applied to all aspects of life.  As such we are at the forefront of campaigns along with other advocacy organisations to create a fair, just and equitable world for all regardless of gender, religion or race.


Our current campaigns can be found below.  Please support our campaigns both by participating yourself but also by spreading the word to as many people as possible through word of mouth and social media. 


Together We Can Make A Better World.


Save Our Bees


The Save Our Bees campaign is a society-wide campaign which has been launched to prevent the use of bee-killing pesticides in the United Kingdom.


Halal consumers are fully aware of the importance of bees which are critical to life on Earth through their role as a pollinators.  Allah (SWT) - God Almighty has named an entire chapter of the Holy Quran after the bee again highlighting the importance of this animal to life on Earth.


The campaign calls upon the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to adhere to the EU ban on bee-killing pesticides and that these pesticides are never introduced into the United Kingdom.

Vitamin D for Life


Vitamin D is a vital steroid (hormone) normally produced by exposure to the sun.  Vitamin D deficiency is cited as an increasing issue in the United Kingdom.


Vitamin D deficiency was historically linked to rickets and osteoporosis however a 2010 BMJ Clinical Review has shown that deficiency in Vitamin D can also lead to increased risk of heart disease, bowel cancer, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.


The Halal Trust has launched this campaign to highlight the importance of Vitamin D to health and wellbeing.  Vitamin D deficiency is of particualr concern to darker skin types.

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