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Our FAQ section contains questions that companies requiring certification may be interested in asking to make an informed decision regarding halal certification.  


Please browse through each section or use the Search Box to search for specific terms.  Our FAQ is updated on a regular basis so please check back on a regular basis for answers to your questions or ask your own by calling or emailing us.





Will gaining halal certification cost my company a lot of money?


This will depend on the halal certifier, many of whom charge far higher fees than other industry accreditations.  IHT as a not-for-profit organisation ensures that our costs are as low as possible and similar to other consumer-focused accreditations like organic or vegetarian certifications.  In fact we carried out extensive consultation with industry before setting our cost structure which is based on market access requirements with our process and fees being well received by industry.



Why should I choose IHT for my certification needs?


IHT is a symbiotic partner committed to helping you grow your business.  Our integrated, cost-effective halal certification process allows your company to gain halal approval quickly and painlessly and we also continue adding value to your business post-certification.  IHT is at the forefront of using Web 2.0 technologies, social media and other digital platforms to engage with modern halal consumers to promote your products and help you drive increased sales.  Halal consumers may also have additional questions about your products and we encourage you to signpost them to The IHT where we can answer their queries on your behalf via telephone, email and social media.



How will the halal certification process affect my company's "business as usual" operations?


The team at The IHT contains experienced auditors and when developing the halal certification process did so with the goal of integrating the process into existing assurance systems.  This means that our process has a minimal impact on business as usual operations and the process has been widely applauded and accepted by industry with whom we remain engaged to further refine and streamline the process going forward in line with any changes to industry practices.



There are many halal certifiers in the UK which causes confusion.  Why are are you different?


The Halal Trust adopts a univeral definition of halal which is accepted by all halal consumers, scholars and organisations thus avoiding any controversy.  IHT is focused on ensuring that your company can market your products to 100% of the consumer base without restrictions.  We also allow oversight and auditing of our processes by international halal bodies responsible for setting international halal standards to ensure complete acceptance of our certification process.



My company is certified by another certifier but we would like to switch.  How can we do this?


Our team is made up of industry experts who understand that companies wishing to swith may have practical difficulties in doing so.  For example, significant investment may have been made in labelling which you wish to redeem.  We offer an endorsement programme which includes a significant 1st year discount and grace period allowing you to transition to The Halal Trust in a practical and managed manner.



How has your certification process been received by industry?


Our certification process has been well received by industry and has been accepted by our partners who are satisfied with the integrated nature of our certification approach.  When developing our process we also ensured that it was compliant with international halal standards including those of the GCC and ASEAN region.  We will also be subject to audits by international halal organisations to ensure our ongoing compliance with international standards.



Why does The Halal Trust not allow the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?


IHT has taken on a trust with consumers to ensure that the products that we certify are not harmful to human health which is a fundamental tenet of halal production.  The Halal Trust is not against biotechnology or the advancement of science however Genetic Modification is a science which is in it's infancy and as such has not been proven to be safe.  Having thoroughly reviewed the scientific evidence as well as the position of Muslim scholars and respected organisations,  The Halal Trust regards GMOs as doubtful (musbooh) and will not support the use of GMOs in the human supply chain until they are shown to be completely safe.



What is the position of TIHT regarding the use of animal-derived ingredients like gelatine?


Animal-derived ingreidents from poultry, marine, bovine and ovine sources are generally allowed if the animal has been slaughtered in a halal manner.  During our ingredients check we ask for proof that the animal-derived ingredients such as gelatine has been derived from permitted animal sources and the animal(s) were slaughtered in a halal manner.  Animal-derived ingredients from pig (porcine) sources can never be halal and will never be alllowed in halal production.



What is your postion concerning animal by-products such as honey or dairy products?


Animal by-products from permitted animals which are derived without the animal being slaughtered are generally considered halal.  Any by-product of the pig (porcine) can never be considered halal and will always be haram (impermissible).  Halal by-products include honey, eggs and dairy products from land-based species for example.



Is whey protein halal?


Whey protein like cheese is produced from the dairy industry where milk from cows is the raw ingredient.  The process of producing whey like cheese requires a number of enzymatic reactions to occur leading to the production of whey.  These enzymes must not have been derived from porcine sources and microbial enzymes are most preferred and actually used in modern production methods.  It is our experience that most whey powders on the market would be considered halal however it is important to check for halal certification or gain personal assurances from the manufacturer.



Does IHT certify meat companies?


The Halal Trust does not currently certify companies involved in the production of meat products.  We do however work at a local, regional and governmental level to protect the rights of all consumers regardles of race, religion or gender through advocating clear labelling practices allowing consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.






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