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IHT has been established to be a responsible halal certifier and a consumer advocacy organisation protecting the rights of all consumers to consume safe consuables fit for human use.  


IHT is a principled, responsible organisation built upon universal values of equality, accountability and fairness.  We are committed to working diligently to protect the rights of all consumers regardless of race, gender or religious belief.


Below are the 5 guiding principles upon which IHT is built.


Halal is a holistic system of health and wellbeing

Halal as a principle is based upon creating a holistic lifestyle based on health and wellbeing.  It is the belief of of Abrahamic faiths from which halal originates that human beings have a responsibility to the environment that we live in to ensure that we are responsible guardians.  

As such the production of halal consumables does not only focus on the manufacture of the product but also addresses animal rights & welfare, sourcing of ingredients, care for the environment,               prohibition of deleterious ingredients and ethical business practices.

Mutual benefit for halal consumers and producers

It is a principle of halal that any relationship is carried out for the mutual benefit of both parties.  Halal consumers and producers are in a symbiotic relationship where there is mutual benefit for both stakeholders where neither can exist without the other.  It is the role of IHT to facilitate this mutual relationship by acting as an independent 3rd party to ensure that products being produced for the halal market by manufacturers meet consumer expectations through a validated and relevant certification process.


Integrated halal certification process

Manufacturers of products for human use already adhere to strict regulatory compliance standards including HACCP, ISO and BRC.  Our certification process has been designed to complement existing safety systems where applicable thus reducing lead times and cost without compromising halal integrity or consumer confidence.


Safeguarding consumer rights

IHT is a leading advocate of halal consumer rights and works at local, regional, national and international level to ensure those rights are protected and enshrined in law. The Halal Trust also actively engages with industry, government and other consumer rights organisations to promote individual rights, clear food labelling and freedom of choice for all consumers regardless of race, religion or gender.


Promotion of halal as a lifestyle choice

IHT is committed to dispelling any misconceptions regarding halal.  Halal principles and lifestyle can be enjoyed by Muslims, those of other faiths and those of no faith.  It is intrinsically based  in principles like organic, environmental custodianship and animal rights.  Halal is a universal principle which if properly implemented can contribute to a healthier, fairer and more equitable world to be enjoyed by all people regardless of gender, race, creed or ethnicity.



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