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IHT certification process was developed with the goal of integrating into existing  industry-standard safety assurance systems including HACCP, BRC, ISO, SALSA and SFBB.


The goal of our certification system was to allow companies wishing to enter the halal market to do so in a straightforward, practical and cost-effective manner.  We also implemented the requirements of international halal bodies into our process simplying the export process.


Key benefits of our halal certification process include:


  • Easy integration into your company's existing safety assurance system.

  • Minimal disruption to business as usual activities.

  • Once implemented the process can easily be adhered to by your existing technical team.

  • International halal standard requirements are integrated into our process.

  • Export-ready process allowing you to export your products to lucrative foreign markets.



Our partners have successfully diversified into the halal market and many of them are trading in the UK halal market as well as international markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.





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